About Us

We met at summer camp with the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) where we led educational travel camps for children and pre-teens.  After  four fun summers, we began dating and were married on Indian Rocks beach within a year.  We love adventuring together and bringing along as many friends as possible.  We strongly believe that a quality experience comes with quality equipment.  We have vowed to run our business with that same quality assurance and continue to do so, because it's the right thing to do.

Florida Eco-Adventures is a life-long dream of Mac's and I'm delighted to be along for the ride!  We have a passion for the environment and enjoying the beauty and grandeur of Old Florida.  We can't wait to share that passion with you, your family and friends!


Greg "Mac" McCormick - Founder, Educator, and Guide.

Mac has been on one adventure after another, all of his life. He proudly served in the U.S. Army as an Infantry Airborne soldier.  Mac has a Master of Science degree in Oceanography / Marine Biology from Nova Southeastern University and two B.A.'s in Biology and Science Education. Mac is also a certified NAUI Dive Master. He is a high School biology teacher in Tampa.  During the summers he works at MOSI teaching Summer Science Camps. 

After years of bringing extra snorkel,  kayaks and "gear", on his personal excursions in case a friend needed it, we decided to do this professionally.


Suzanne McCormick - Co-Founder, web design, photography

Suzanne is a semi-professional singer, voice coach, music teacher and  amateur photographer.  She spent much of her childhood playing in the waves of the Atlantic ocean but really didn't begin her Eco-adventures until 2001 when she began teaching MOSI Summer Science Travel Camps.  There, her passion for snorkeling, exploring (& photography of) underwater life, kayaking, camping and educating people about Florida wildlife and the importance of protecting the aquifer was ignited, as was her summer camp romance with (now husband) Mac.   Every day I am thrilled to live where people choose to vacation and retire!